Mini MBA

This course is aimed at students who are considering taking on the challenge of studying an MBA and want to first get a flavor of the different subject areas involved. Students will carry out an in-depth analysis into some of the key issues facing today´s managers and business leaders.

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Course Structure

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

  • Lean start-up principles

  • Entrepreneurial business modelling

  • Design thinking

  • Analyze sources of finance

Leadership & Organizational Behavior

  • Strategic leadership

  • Models of leader decision-making in organizations

  • Organizational culture

  • Organizational change

Managerial Economics

  • Understanding consumer demand and behavior

  • Market structures

  • Measuring macroeconomic activity

  • International economics

Business Finance

  • Financial statement analysis

  • Costing & pricing techniques

  • Budgeting

  • Investment appraisal techniques

Marketing Strategy & Consumer Behavior

  • Consumer perception and attitudes

  • Consumers as decision-makers

  • Analyze Subcultures

  • Culture and consumer behavior

Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Professional ethics in business and finance

  • Sustainable business

  • Corporate social responsibility

  • Corporate governance